Premature Ejaculation FAQ


Premature ejaculation has been the common diseases that are suffered by many men in the world. In this article, I’ll give you FAQ about this problem that you need to understand.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

Psychological problems and hormonal problems and other factors can cause premature ejaculation. Also, some illnesses may be a the cause, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and so on.

How about premature ejaculation statistics?

A research from Australia says that 23.8% of Australian men are facing the early ejaculation problem. A study in British population reports that 11.7% of 16-44 years old men are experiencing the premature ejaculation issue in their life. However, the early ejaculation itself is not defined by the respondent. Another study also shows that only 2-5% of men who have the premature ejaculation that is defined as ejaculation latency time of fewer than 2 minutes. These statistics show that the early ejaculation in men often comes and goes, but affect may men at some point in their life.

How to cure premature ejaculation naturally?


You can use the stop and start method. To begin with, you must start masturbating by yourself. After that, when you are close to orgasm, you need to quit. Subsequently take some minutes to relax. After that, you stop when you are close to climax and can duplicate masturbating. You should repeat this until you believe that you can’t hold it. You should begin to do that technique by means of your partner when you are feeling you’ve mastered it.

Deep breathing can be used by you as your treatment at the same time. This technique is thought to restrain your arousal and tension that can make you do early ejaculation. Your pulse will be speed up by the brief breathing and cause rapid ejaculation. It is possible to do deep breathing for five seconds, to require this process. Following that, it is possible to exhale for five seconds. You should replicate this pattern.

How about taking premature ejaculation pills?


This method has been very popular for its effectiveness. However, it can possibly create drawbacks to your health. You will have more chances to get a rapid heartbeat, insomnia and headache. You will feel dizziness or a severe headache when you use premature ejaculation pills. This is because those pills will increase your overall blood flow and dizziness is the way on how your body adjusts to new condition. To avoid these effects, you need to choose the proven and reputable tablets. It’s better if you talk to your doctor first or visit this rating to find the pill you need.