How To Measure Your Breast Size


An “A” cup means you have small breasts; a “D” cup stands for really big boobs. Wrong! We¬† are going to explain to you what the cup size is about and how to find out your perfect bra size.

The cup-size (that is the letter in your bra size) does not tell much about your breast size without the number before it. If you are used to a 34A cup, you might also fit a 32B or even a 30C bra! Most of the time you can try bigger cup size if you reduce one time smaller number. Most important: fit it on and make sure it feels right.

How to measure your breast size?

It is always important to have right bra size. Many women walk around with the wrong bra size on.

First you want to measure “the band size” which is going to be right underneath the breasts. You are going to put measuring tape as tightly as possible.


After the band size you have to measure your body at the biggest part of your breasts, this is called “bust size“. Together with the band size you can calculate the cup size”: use the difference between the bust size and the band size. Usually, an inch is about one cup size difference.


It is important to remember that the support should come from the band and not the straps. So if the straps are falling off the shoulder, then the band is probably too small. And if the straps are holding too much of the support and putting pressure on your shoulders then the band is probably too big.

It is also important to remember that the bans should stay in the same position all the way across the back.